Analytical applications


Novel enzyme immobilization

PepTrap™ is the primary innovation behind the development of Immobazyme. This unique enzyme immobilization technology allows for tailored enzyme applications, in a synthetic construct. The unique engineering of PepTrap™ creates the opportunity for applications in organic product synthesis, research analytics, as well as a range of diagnostic platforms. The initial project phases will be carried out to further develop PepTrap™, the unique enzyme immobilization technology. This unique enzyme immobilizing technology can be sold as a kit for a multitude of enzyme analytical and diagnostic applications. *(Click to enlarge and zoom)

Novel Engineering

The PepTrap™ technology includes a synthetic flow-cell in which a range of enzymes can be immobilized, whilst retaining their function. The unique cellulose-based matrix of the flow-cell is bound to nickel nanoparticles, which capture enzymes of interest in a highly specific manner. Substrates and solutions can then be exposed to the flow-cell, allowing the enzymatic reaction to either synthesize high-value products, analyze experimental assays, or act as a diagnostic probe. Additionally, PepTrap™ can service the industrial sector that currently utilize biocatalytic processes but are yet to obtain a cost effective enzyme immobilization platform.

Unique benefits

Enzyme immobilization allows for the use of a biological enzyme in a cell-free system. This concept generally comes with the benefit of environment control, broader functioning conditions, and easier product assimilation. However, major drawbacks of existing technologies include high cost of synthetic constructs, as well as low overall enzyme efficiency and use.

The PepTrap™ enzyme immobilization technology overcomes both of these limitations. The unique cellulose-nickel matrix to which the enzymes bind can be produced at low cost, with the ability to be reused multiple times. Secondly, the dense 3-dimensional arrangement of the PepTrap™ matrix greatly increases enzyme binding events and therefore overall activity. Furthermore, unlike many existing enzyme immobilization technologies, PepTrap™ does not make use of any toxic solutions or compounds in the matrix synthesis and use, which greatly benefits enzyme activity.
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