Our Team

Dominic Nicholas

Co-founder and CEO

Ethan Hunter

Co-founder and COO

Nicholas Enslin

Co-founder and CTO

The Immobazyme Story

Immobazyme was established as a proudly South African company with the aim of pioneering the biotechnology industry. Using innovative technologies, along with an environmentally responsible outlook, Immobazyme is committed to the sustainable growth of scientific research and development in the South African context. Using the novel enzyme immobilization technology, PepTrap™, under Instant Access License from Stellenbosch University, our company aims to develop an analytical laboratory platform as well as serve the industrial sector through the production of high-value products by organic synthesis and environmental remediation technologies.

The three founding directors (Dominic Nicholas, Nicholas Enslin, and Ethan Hunter) all hold similar background academic experience under the degree of BSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, as well as the postgraduate degree of BSc Hons Plant Biotechnology, both from SU. Currently all three directors are finalizing their Master of Science degrees at SU in the various fields of molecular biology, microbiology, and biotechnology. Through their combined backgrounds and research projects, the directors are proficient in the specific fields of bioinformatics and data analysis, basic coding and electronic engineering, cloning and heterologous protein expression (bacterial, plant, fungi), in vitro and in vivo biotechnology and genetic modification, nutraceuticals and ethnopharmacology, technical enzyme assays, bio-nanotechnology as well as extensive technical laboratory skills and a foundation business acumen. These proficiencies in combination provide an essential technical personnel resource, which would otherwise need to have been sourced from multiple professionals and has thus far been our sole resource in all progress made. 

The specific interests of the directors include global bioremediation and carbon capture, nutraceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, and industrial biotechnology. Through these interests, aligned with the described extensive technical resources, we are confident that the milestones envisioned will be achieved efficiently and successfully.
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