Immobilized Enzymes

Enzymes as industrial biocatalysts offer many advantages over traditional chemical processes regarding sustainability and efficiency. The use of enzyme immobilization technologies has greatly improved the scale-up potential of these economically competitive biocatalytic processes for industrial applications. Below are examples of industries that currently use enzymes - all which could benefit hugely from incorporating PepTrap™ into the biocatalytical process.

Enzymes are biological machines that control various processes in living systems. Enzymes occur in every cell and are responsible for almost every chemical reaction within biological systems. From digestion, to metabolism, to immunity, enzymes are vital to the daily chores of life.  Biotechnology has allowed for the use of enzymes for everyday applications in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and industry. The production of lactose-free milk is a great example of using enzymes in industry.

Described below are several amazing uses of this technology...


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Synthesis of intermediates for production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

(Enzymes: Nitrile hydratase, transaminase, monoamine oxidase, lipase, penicillin acylase)

Food processing

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Conversion of starch to glucose, production of high fructose corn syrup, production of prebiotics, debittering of fruit juice.

(Enzymes: Trypsin, amylase, glucose isomerase, papain, pectinase)


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Stain removal, removal of fats and oils, colour retention.

(Enzymes: Protease, lipase, amylase, cellulase)


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Production of fatty acid methyl esters, decomposition of lignocellulolytic material for bioethanol production.

(Enzymes: Lipase, cellulase, xylanase)

Paper and pulp

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Removal of lignin for improved bleaching, improvement in fiber properties.

(Enzymes: Lipase, cellulase, xylanase)
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